Aisha Suleiman

As the Executive Board Lead of Amazon’s Black Employee Network in the UK, Aisha champions the diverse perspectives of people of African and Caribbean descent. Through this network, Aisha has promoted the importance of Black History Month at Amazon in the UK, developed a professional development program for members and worked with the Alexa team to develop utterances of ancient African and Caribbean figures. In Aisha’s role as Education Program Manager, she works with institutions in EMEA to promote learning cloud computing skills at no-cost through AWS Educate. Aisha is an advocate for gender equality. She launched a website last year – The World in Her Words. The World in Her Words inspires women to curate their careers, cultivate confidence and build balanced relationships through stories.

Katie Mantwa George

Katie previously served as co-chair of the AIG African Caribbean network and worked with the committee to build induction events with other BAME internal employees as well as looping them into external networks that helped to aid long-term development. She ensures to always make herself available as a mentor, either long or short term, and ensures that new joiners are considered for awards and nominations from the start of their career. She has been an advisor for the last 3 years for a recruitment platform (Headstart) that uses machine learning to speed up recruitment processes, but also to reduce bias in recruitment as she feels this is a very important avenue to tackle the challenges BAME candidates may face from the early stages of their application process. Katie also speaks at Generation Success events annually and sits on panels to inspire BAME professionals and students by telling her life story which tracks her early years in Swaziland to her current role at Amazon.