Chika Aghadiuno

As co-sponsor for the Aviva BAME Network, lead on inclusion in the Aviva Global Risk Function and a member of the UK Aviva Inclusion Council, Chika is a visible and accessible minority leader at Aviva. Chika has spearheaded  various Diversity & Inclusion initiatives outside Aviva, connecting them whenever possible, such as a 2019 venture exploring the impact of race and education on recruitment for the black community with the Forward Institute (which promotes responsible leadership), support of the Amos Bursary (for which she is also a professional mentor) and Beyond the Classroom (a London-based social enterprise working to support the wider needs of less advantaged young girls and women) – among others. Helping young people from less advantaged and minority backgrounds has been a key focus for Chika through engagement with schools, work experience initiatives and informal individual mentoring. Chika chairs the Diversity Advisory Group for the UK Actuarial Profession and is a member of the Advisory Board for TWIN (The Women’s Insurance Network).

Sid Maheshwari

Sid has been pivotal in promoting the ‘Aviva Origins’ community, one of six employee networks developed in 2018 to ensure Aviva promotes a fully inclusive environment where colleagues from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds can flourish. He sits on the Aviva Origins steering committee and has been instrumental in supporting the delivery of many fundamental changes in the organisation including implementing the RACE charter, which includes providing leadership on race and ethnicity in Aviva. Last year, Sid led the Diwali celebrations across multiple UK sites in Aviva which generated a huge interest amongst UK employees to partner with the Origin community. Sid has been supporting diversity mentoring scheme for students, and is partnering with the central diversity team to roll out unconscious bias training across Aviva. Sid leads the communication function for the Origins community and led the design of the technology platform where Origins material could be easily hosted and accessed, allowing members to discuss any barriers and issues they face. In addition, Sid has been an active mentor to junior BAME colleagues. He championed the roll out of a ‘cultural exchange’ training programme with the Aviva’s offshore partners with the aim to bring cultures closer together, and contributed to other strategic deliveries including critical work using ‘data’ to understand barriers and opportunities at work. Externally, Sid is the principal secretary and one of the founding members of Amerindis, a network based in South Bucks to promote Indian culture and heritage. Sid has played a pivotal role in increasing the membership base of Amerindis from a few families in 2014 to 450+ individuals and growing. Sid is also supporting an awareness campaign with local residents impacted by increased burglary cases amongst the Asian families, raising issues with local police and council. Sid is a huge supporter of Asian Women across industries, often nominating those with exemplary achievements for awards.

Chika Aghadiuno

Chika seeks to be a visible and accessible presence in the organisation, expanding on her role as co-chair of the Aviva London Women’s Network. She blogs to raise awareness and interest among Aviva’s ethnic minority community and allies, and has supported the process of establishing an ethnic minority network at Aviva. She has represented Aviva at parliamentary roundtables on the topic of race and is a Group Executive nominee on the Aviva Global Inclusion Council. Chika has sought to connect Aviva with her activities outside the workplace, such as working with the Amos Bursary, and smaller social enterprises including Beyond the Classroom and Brilliant Aspirations. This has provided young people with exposure to a range of careers and senior leaders, and also internships within Aviva. External to her role, Chika is a mentor for the Amos Bursary and chair of the Diversity Advisory Group for the UK actuarial professional body. She has written a number of articles and participated in panels on diversity for the profession and has been exploring the establishment of a UK African Actuarial network.