David Farrow

At Barclays, David is the Executive Committee Sponsor of the Corporate Bank Embrace Network, and drives engagement across the UK and globally to support the multicultural agenda for BAME colleagues and allies. He is the Executive Sponsor for colleague listening groups in association with INvolve, where colleagues are encouraged to give open and honest feedback and share experiences and issues in a safe environment. David leads the effort to syndicate results and follow-up actions to fellow Executive Committee members. He encourages his teams to celebrate diversity, sometimes using national celebrations or religious festivals to encourage traditional dress and cultural exchange. He has also encouraged the network to run diversity events with clients. He often speaks as a panelist on D&I issues, and runs Global Town Hall sessions to discuss D&I.

Erica Fray Sealey

A champion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond, Erica is the COO of Barclays Black Professional Forum and has transformed the network. She has driven group-wide objectives by launching a Speaker Series developed to foster insightful conversations, successfully collaborated with external organizations positioning Barclays as a leader in D&I, has designed and delivered key programs aimed at developing, attracting and retaining talent. Erica has led co-led programming exploring the intersectionality of multicultural, LGBT+, gender, mental health and disability. She implemented the Barclays Black Professionals Forum Mentorship Program in 2019 to aid members in advancing their careers. In addition, she is the Governance lead for the Cross Firms Black Employee Resource Group leading events, networking opportunities and organizing cultural celebrations. Erica is also actively engaged in philanthropic and youth mentor programs for nearly 20 years serving local NYC area nonprofits such as iMentor, Girls Prep Charter School and Robin Hood.

Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy

Zainab is currently the Deputy chair of the Barclays Black Professionals Forum, and oversees career progression and colleague development initiatives such as the internal mentoring programs and personal development workshops. She is also the Co-lead of their sixth form mentoring program, delivering workshops to students from South East London, pairing them with Barclays employee and offering work experience. The success of this program led to the Black Professionals Forum winning the Inclusion Champion Award, at Barclays Global Citizenship and Diversity Awards 2019. Zainab is also one of the founding members of, an award-winning online magazine written by women and non-binary people of color. gal-dem addresses inequality and misrepresentation in the media industry, providing a platform for creative and editorial work from people of color. She is currently writing a book on Black British history, focused on afro hair, to be published in 2020/2021.

Nazreen Visram

At Barclays, Nazreen is co-chair of Embrace, where she has supported the establishment of both the Asian and Black Professionals’ Forums, and works with Barclays’ Faith Forums. She is passionate about inclusion, creating the Network of Networks to promote intersectionality across all diversity networks, many of which Nazreen is a member of. As well as being a HeforShe champion, Nazreen mentors junior ethnic minority colleagues, regularly runs employability skills workshops at local schools and colleges and provides work experience programs to students from diverse backgrounds. Nazreen is committed to voluntary service, serving as National Council Member for the Women’s Portfolio for the Ismaili Muslim Council UK, delivering conferences and events and enabling access, support and empowerment initiatives for women and their families.  Nazreen is currently on the board of a school and was a finalist for the Asian Women of Achievement Awards and for the British Muslim Awards.

Heeral Shah

Heeral founded and Co-Chairs the Asian Professional Forum to sit alongside the Black Professional Forum, and mobilised the Hindu and Sikh forums to sit alongside other faith forums, creating greater cohesion and BAME representation at Barclays under the umbrella of Embrace (the Multicultural network). She leveraged her network to recruit a diverse APF leadership team from across all UK Barclays divisions and engaged with the Executive Committee sponsor for Embrace to gain support. Heeral led APF’s launch event, with a panel on BAME diversity and has built membership to over 650+. She has initiated BAME mentoring programmes and encouraged the company to recognise and celebrate numerous cultural events, including World Cultural Day. She also masterminded the inaugural Embrace Charity Gala in 2018, celebrating BAME diversity. Externally, Heeral has sponsored and spoken at a “Women Empowered” event, providing a network for BAME women juggling motherhood, work and social responsibilities. She is a member of the Multicultural Professional Networks Forum and an advocate to the Government on various topics including the ethnicity pay gap. She is on the leadership team of the charity SEWA UK, promoting Blood and Organ donation in the Asian Community. Heeral is also a member of EMpower’s Working Party and the leadership team of Hindu Sevika Samiti. She teaches Gujarati at the Oshwal Gujarati School and mentors internally at Barclays and externally with EMpower.

Khalia D. Newell

Khalia currently works in the Chief Controls Office at Barclays where she is the Tech SME within the Policies and Standards Team. Outside of her role, Khalia sits on the Black Professionals Forum at Barclays. In this role she has run a Leadership Programme to help develop, promote and retain aspiring Directors and Managing Directors at Barclays. She has also run an event on the Windrush to discuss BAME contributions in a post-Brexit era. Outside of work, she has taken part in a significant number of external initiatives with The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME), JLL, Twilio, The Social Inclusion Unit (My Life My Say) and with the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for STEM to promote diversity and inclusion within the community and various public/private sectors. Her TEDx talk ‘Why diversity initiatives fail’ and her extensive mentoring within the community has led her to receive numerous awards and accolades such as The Black British Business Awards – Financial Services Rising Star (2016); We Are The City Rising Star (2017); Barclays Diversity Awards/WIBF – Finalist (2018); and Brummell Magazines Top 30 Inspirational Women City Pioneers (2018).

Nazreen Visram

As co-chair of the multicultural Embrace Network, Nazreen has supported the establishment of both the Asian and Black Professionals’ Forums, and has led on key events such as World Cultural Day. The network supports employees by running events, training programmes, showcasing role models, collaborating with other networks to demonstrate the importance of intersectionality and celebrating cultural diversity, therefore contributing to a more inclusive workplace. She participated in the Embracing Us campaign and launched the South Asian Proposition, providing cultural awareness training to colleagues and launching a widely attended Diwali Dinner. As well as being a HeforShe champion, Nazreen mentors junior ethnic minority colleagues and regularly runs employability skills workshops at local schools. Externally, Nazreen is a National Council Member for the Women’s Portfolio for the Ismaili Muslim Council UK and has started a work experience programme for ethnic minority students. She has delivered numerous conferences, including International Women’s Day and was a finalist for the Asian Women of Achievement Awards and for Barclays Global Woman of the Year.

Khalia D. Newell

Khalia currently sits on the Senior Leadership team of the Barclays Black Professionals Forum. In this role she is responsible for the promotion, retention and development of BAME talent across the Barclays Group including, most recently, devising a Director Leadership programme for diverse senior leaders. Outside of work, Khalia joined the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for STEM to create Government Policy to encourage those from BAME or non-traditional backgrounds into STEM careers. Khalia has mentored over 100 students outside Barclays at mid and lower tier Universities to facilitate entrance into the private sector. She has also worked alongside Business in the Community (BITC) to run a national campaign called ‘There is Hope’ to encourage MPs to draft new policies to guarantee employment to recent graduates. In addition, Khalia has consulted on how to increase the representation of non-Russell Group Universities within the finance and professional services industries. Khalia regularly participates in panel discussions and leads workshops on the topic of accessibility and the promotion and retention of diverse employees. She has received numerous awards and accolades, including: Black British Business Awards, Rising Star (2016); We are the City, Rising Star (2017); and the Vodafone World of Difference Award.

Kashif Zafar

Kashif has inspired tangible change across the BAME agenda at Barclays, from his active leadership of the multicultural Embrace network, to his authentic personal role-modelling that shows BAME colleagues that they too can grow their career within the organisation. The Embrace network blossomed under his leadership, increasing from 330-1100 members in 18months. Kashif also pioneered the Embrace exceptional 1st year internship programme which is now in its 6th year. Having previously been on the board of Race for Opportunity for several years, Kashif is now actively involved in several organisations, both in the UK and US, who drive BAME-positive change including, the board of the British Pakistan Foundation, the Advisory Board for SEO (Sponsors for Educational Opportunity) supporting the university/career access of young people from under-represented backgrounds, and is on the boards of the International House and American Pakistan Foundation.

Paulette Rowe

Paulette runs Europe’s 2nd largest payment acceptance business (processing over 1in 3 card payments in the U.K.) and is a member of the Barclaycard International Executive Committee. Prior to Barclays she held a number of senior leadership roles including Managing Director of NatWest Retail Banking. Paulette has been a visible advocate for BAME colleagues throughout her career hiring BAME talent, coaching and mentoring and ensuring that diversity is kept on the agenda. She has come to recognise the value that simply sharing her story can have in inspiring other colleagues. At Barclays she not only supports events and networks aimed at promoting diversity but also finds opportunities, such as presenting to the Barclays’ graduate programme and running sessions with colleagues in India, where, she believes, it is just as important to introduce diverse leadership profiles. Her business stands out for its diversity, particularly in the hi tech world of payments. Feedback scores on diversity are amongst the highest in Barclays and well above industry norms. Three of Paulette’s direct reports are now BAME colleagues and one of this year’s Ethnic Minority Future leaders list is a VP in her business.