Ileana Sodani

Ileana is the Executive Sponsor in EMEA for IMPACT, BNY Mellon’s ERG supporting D&I in the workplace. In order to foster a more inclusive workplace and to attract senior leaders from diverse backgrounds, Ileana and IMPACT are encouraging discussion through forums, workshops, and honest blogs. She has spearheaded a self-identification campaign, encouraging staff to celebrate their ethnicity and provide more complete data for metrics. Ileana is working to recruit from more diverse universities and colleges, and held sessions throughout 2019 on discussing race and role models, among other D&I-related topics. She is an advisor to the Steering Group of the Tiffany Circle, supporting the Red Cross, and she personally supports ‘Women on the Front Line, an annual event highlighting the strength, diversity and accomplishments of women fighting corruption and war. Ileana is also a founding member of The Network of Networks, connecting Women, BAME, and LGBT+ leaders across companies.

Noon Ali

Noon is the Co-Chair for IMPACT, BNY Mellon’s internal EMEA multicultural business resource group and is a passionate and vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion. Noon has been instrumental in organizing and driving various internal initiatives, most recently joining a panel session during Black history month alongside Afua Hirsh to discuss the importance of speaking about race at work. Having been elected to participate in two Emerging Leaders Programmes, Noon uses her experience and learnings to foster constructive conversations around race and inclusivity through external events, she has organized and was a key driver in a number of events as part of her role for promoting diversity and inclusion; two panel events – each with over 100 attendees focusing on the intersectionality of race and the importance of courageous conversations.

Elizabeth Scarpelli

Elizabeth is a role model and advocate for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at BNY Mellon and has been involved in a number of key initiatives to dive the company’s D&I strategy, including leading programs designed to increase consideration of diverse individuals throughout the organization’s talent lifecycle – from recruitment and development to retention and advancement. Elizabeth serves as an active appointed member of the firm’s D&I Advisory Council to the CEO, in numerous leadership positions within the company’s multicultural business resource group, IMPACT, and as a steering committee member for key external partnership initiatives, she has helped to broaden perspectives and foster change within the company and deliver against D&I goals as set by the firm. Elizabeth serves on the Senior Leadership Council for the Association of Latino Professionals for America for the New York Chapter, regularly speaks at internal and external events, and sponsors and mentors colleagues throughout the company.

Ileana Sodani

In her role as EMEA executive sponsor for IMPACT, a resource group supporting BNY Mellon’s commitment to ethnic diversity and inclusion, Ileana is steadfastly committed to leading efforts to embed the mission of “driving ethnic diversity and making it an asset” within BNY Mellon’s company culture, focusing on ethnically diverse talent both internally and externally and ensuring everything is measurable, for the purpose of benchmarking, data gathering and monitoring. This year, Ileana launched the network’s ‘self-disclosure’ campaign, which aims to understand the reasons behind why people don’t disclose their ethnicity. Ileana continues to challenge BNY Mellon’s senior team to embed diversity in promoting and hiring practices, and establish a diverse stream of internal talent for middle and senior management roles. She is also partnering with BNY Mellon’s HR to review  their university recruiting programme and the ways in which they could improve diversity in the talent pipeline. Ileana regularly shares her personal commitment by participating on industry panels, most recently on a ‘Women in Islamic and Ethical Finance’ panel. She is also one of the original founding members of The Network of Networks, which aims to connect women’s network leaders, BAME network leaders and LGBT+ network leaders from 50 companies to share experiences and ideas surrounding D&I.

Morgan Vazquez

Morgan is an active member and event organizer for IMPACT, BNY Mellon’s multicultural BRG, which believes in leveraging differences to encourage collaboration and promote a diverse, inclusive and successful workforce. Morgan incorporated an IMPACT info session into all campus hire orientations. She is also a member of BNY Mellon’s Hispanic Latino Leadership Forum and Latino Advisory Group, two groups committed to empowering Latinx talent to realize their full potential. Morgan is a planning committee member for Hispanic Heritage Month, and singlehandedly proposed, developed, organized and led an initiative known as the “Sophomore Summit” that aims at providing diverse students with an inside look into the financial services industry as well as career coaching and skill-building workshops. Prior to becoming the Global Head of Campus, Morgan took the initiative to incorporate an element of diversity recruitment into her role, leading diversity-specific recruitment initiatives to encourage persons of colour to apply for internships. She has represented BNY Mellon at over 20 diversity conferences and career fairs, and has led the firm’s recruiting workstream for the annual ALPFA convention since 2016. Externally, Morgan is a career coach at The Opportunity Network, which works with students from systematically underrepresented communities in developing their skills, knowledge and passions to achieve their college and career goals. She speaks at various D&I conferences, and for the Selective Corporate Internship Program. She is President of the Fellows Board of the National Society of High School Scholars and a dedicated advocate and volunteer for the local Bronx, NYC community where she attended college.

Elizabeth Scarpelli

As a member of BNY Mellon’s extended diversity & inclusion governance body, Elizabeth has been actively involved in a number of key initiatives that drive the company’s D&I strategy, including leading programs designed to increase consideration of diverse individuals throughout the organisation’s talent lifecycle – from recruitment/development to retention/advancement. By serving on the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council to the CEO, in numerous leadership team positions within the company’s multicultural business resource group, and as a steering committee member of key external partnership initiatives, Elizabeth has helped to broaden perspectives and foster change within the company and deliver against D&I goals as set by the firm. She has helped drive further pipeline diversification at senior levels through BNY Mellon’s Signature Leadership Forum, and acts as a sponsor and mentor as part of BNY Mellon’s multicultural and women’s business resource groups. Elizabeth also provides external mentorship through the Women in Finance Mentorship Program with Columbia University & NYU, has provided career coaching to students from Ma’ayanot High School and served as volunteer instructor for Junior Achievement. Elizabeth is a lifetime member of the Association for Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA), and as the appointed liaison for BNY Mellon’s corporate relationship with ALPFA, leverages the organisation to engage top Latino talent. Beyond her track record for mentoring, sponsoring, developing and recruiting talent, Elizabeth is a vocal champion and speaker on D&I issues and professional development strategies and best practices.

Patrick Vatel

Patrick is a fully engaged senior leader, ensuring his teams and programmes reflect a real focus on development, transparency, diversity and inclusion. He has led strategic programmes that are driving progress in BNY Mellon’s talent strategy for ethnic minority employees. He serves on the Executive Leadership Team of IMPACT, BNY Mellon’s multicultural business resource group and helped to co-found the group back in 2005. He is fully committed to driving talent opportunity within BNY Mellon and ensures that opportunities are tailored for diverse employees. Activities have included devising and leading the IMPACT Mentoring Program and the BNY Mellon Signature Leadership Forum (SLF), which is now global and has a critical role in furthering ethnic minority diversity and inclusion. Externally, Patrick is a member of the Board of Directors of United Neighborhood Houses of New York, and serves as chairman of the Investment Committee of the New York City Mission Society. He is a mentor to numerous financial services leaders from ethnic minority backgrounds, both on a formal and informal basis. He has been honoured by a variety of institutions for his work in ethnic minority inclusion, including being named by Harlem YMCA as a ‘Black Achiever in Industry’.

Renee LaRoche-Morris

Renee has been a leader and advocate for BNY Mellon’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy since joining in 2003. As part of her commitment, she has been an active participant in BNY Mellon’s Multi-cultural Employee Resource Group (IMPACT) for over 10 years, has been co-chair of IMPACT’s African American Leadership Forum for three years and has recently been named the co-chair of IMPACT for the Company. She actively leads and participates in numerous events each year, and engages one-on-one with individuals or small groups to understand their concerns, provide guidance and be a mentor. Most recently, she was the National Society of Black Engineers Conference keynote speaker for a Diverse by Design event. Alongside her advocacy in and out of the workplace, Renee received the Network Journal Top 25 Black Women in Business Award, was selected as one of Private Asset Management’s “50 Most Influential Women in Private Wealth” and is on the Board of Dress for Success Worldwide.

Ileana Sodani

Having acted as Executive Sponsor for the BNY Mellon Women’s Initiative Network (WIN), Ileana utilised the experience and knowledge she built and applied it to ensuring the growth of BNY Mellon’s multicultural network, IMPACT. Now, in her third year as Co-Executive sponsor, she has been instrumental in enabling the group to become the second largest resource group and strategically driven its transition into a vital business resource group. Recognising the importance of senior management buy in, Ileana has utilised her position of influence amongst her peers, to drive the conversation around ethnic minority inclusion and broader diversity. In particular, she leads by example, advocating the business and moral imperatives, and bringing attention to the importance of demographics and transparency. Ileana also ensures that her visits to global teams are impactful, and sheds light on diversity and inclusion through her participation in events and panels. Outside of work, Ileana is a proud founding member of The Networks of Networks (TNON), which provides BAME leaders within the organisation with a platform for cross-company/network collaboration. Additionally, Ileana has spoken at the Women in Islamic & Ethical Finance network where she joined a panel focusing on Women Climbing the Corporate Ladder.

Pete Rodriguez

Pete has undertaken a number of key initiatives to make the workplace more inclusive for BAME people including: championing a change in the perception of India from a technology and operations centre to business centre allowing greater career path opportunities, creating stretch opportunities for BAME people to participate in large initiatives where they will receive exposure to very senior leaders within the organization and acting as senior advisor to the African American, Latino, Asian and South East Asian Leadership Forums which promote hiring, developing and retaining BAME talent. Externally, Pete is a member of Senior Leadership Council for NYC Chapter of Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA), and is a frequent speaker on diversity and inclusion issues. He has also featured in Hispanic Executive Magazine, Latino Leaders Magazine Finance Edition and Color Magazine and in 2015 was recognised as Council of Urban Professionals Catalyst for Change and in 2016 was named Association of Latino Professionals Executive of the Year.