Roselinde Torres

Roselinde has held various topic and regional leadership roles within BCG involving mobilizing a group of Partners (in a firm that is a private partnership). This has required strong influenced based leadership.
The ideas that she has pioneered around adaptive, 21st century leadership were inspired by experiences from leaders who were not “the majority” and often brought new ways of thinking and being that positively transformed institutions and nations. As she works with CEOs and senior leaders to make their organizations more adaptive, the culture of these institutions is more valuing of diverse racial and ethnic groups.
Roselinde has spent over 20 years developing leaders across the private, public and social sectors to achieve their full potential. One of her guiding principles has been to ensure organizations are placing diverse individuals in key leadership roles. Roselinde is also a mentor for groups across BCG’s diversity cohorts: women, race & ethnicity and LGBT and use her influence as a Senior Partner to recommend changes to their practices.

Michael Sherman

The current leader of BCG’s ethnic diversity network focused on improving diversity and inclusion for the world wide Black and North American Hispanic staff. As the leader of this team, Michael focused on programs to increase opportunities for Black students to and staff to succeed at BCG, e.g., implementing BCG’s first sophomore internship and scholarship program targeting Blacks, adding a senior officer mentor network for all Black staff, establishing a new online community to connect Black alumni with their Black staff.
In addition, Michael has also focused on efforts to evangelize the importance of ethnic diversity within BCG and establish repeatable programs to improve inclusion, e.g., implementing training at all levels focused on diversity and unconscious bias. He has also focused on establishing a local office coordinators program focused on empowering local leaders with the tools and budget to help build local office affiliation. The nodes program focuses on ensuring that BCG’s Black staff has the opportunity to connect with leaders, identify opportunities for career growth, and have opportunities to network with leadership both inside the Black network and outside.
Michael also established a “Bridge to Consulting” program to help Black and Hispanic students who are early in their college careers learn more about consulting and gain important business and professional-social skills needed to succeed at BCG.