Shilpa Shah

In addition to her role leading on Deloitte’s Alternative Delivery Models agenda, Shilpa is a Respect and Inclusion Lead for Technology Consulting. She also leads Deloitte’s Women in Technology network and is an active member of the Multi-Cultural Network and she focuses on intersectionality. To drive cultural change and create focus, she has defined gender and BAME targets for the technology consulting practice. Shilpa mentors a large number of BAME and other individuals internally and externally and promotes different voices and stories from those of all backgrounds as she believes role models are vital to helping inspire others. She hosted Deloitte’s Black History Month celebrations as a member of the Multicultural Network, inspired over 150 BAME attendees to aim high and achieve the best of themselves. She has delivered webinars and events to over 100 people from BAME backgrounds sharing her experiences and offering career advice and guidance. For six years Shilpa has sponsored, led and championed Deloitte’s involvement in the annual ‘Your Future, Your Ambition’ event at the Emirates Stadium, inspiring and speaking directly with thousands of young people from ethnic minority backgrounds into STEM careers. Shilpa shares and listens and is passionate about helping others. She has participated in numerous panels and interviews on diversity in business to change the status quo. She was listed as one of the top 100 Asian stars in Tech and has been a finalist in the Everywoman in Tech Team Leader awards twice.