Ritu Mohanka-Vedhara

Ritu is a prominent ethnic minority female leader on the Senior Leadership Team at Glint, now part of LinkedIn, where she actively champions the business benefits of employing an effective Diversity strategy and has significantly influenced the corporate agenda on behalf of and to the benefit of all relevant employees. Glint actively pursues a hiring strategy that is deliberately color- and gender-blind and mirrors it in their approach to performance management. Ritu takes great pride in mentoring upcoming and talented ethnic minority professionals both within and beyond Glint, advising on career development. In her previous role at IBM, Ritu was a highly regarded Diversity Champion, and served as Executive Sponsor to numerous Diversity groups. She is a regular panelist and keynote speaker at Global and EMEA CXO Leadership and HR events, such as Digital HR in Dubai, championing diversity and inclusion to CXO’s across EMEA every working day.