Jackie Uhi

Jackie is on the UK Culture & Engagement Committee (UKCES) and the Executive Women’s Forum SteerCo, and she contributes to Women on Boards, supports the Atlas Mentoring Platform, Women Ahead, and is Executive Sponsor of the Embrace Network at HSBC. She acts as a trusted advisor for Embraces’ committee, and helps in particular to engage with senior stakeholders at the bank. As an executive on UKCES, Jackie regularly challengers her seniors on D&I topics, such as the ethnicity pay gap. She encourages her team leaders to proactively promote D&I by hosting working group sessions with staff from ethnically diverse backgrounds, among other initiatives. Jackie has worked with the CEO of the Diana Award, leading to opportunities for HSBC colleagues to mentor and make a difference to the lives of young people, mostly from BAME backgrounds.

Christina Liciaga

Christina is a speaker, panellist and vlog contributor on issues of race, diversity and inclusion, as well as a mentor to global BAME talent. She has increased BAME visibility in senior roles as representative to HSBC’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce, Co-facilitator of Global Graduate induction, Advisor for Hispanic & Latinx Diversity Committee (USA), and Embrace champion (UK). Externally, she advises BAME-owned ventures and has founded organisations supporting women of colour, including Women’s Wealth that helps minority women bridge the wealth gap. Christina is an Executive Trustee at JUSTICE, an all-party law reform and human rights organisation working to strengthen the UK justice system, and served on the Increasing Judicial Diversity Working Group, which delivered nation-wide proposals to counter structural barriers limiting diverse talent from reaching the judiciary’s highest levels. In 2020, she was recognised in the Top 10 Customer Experience Professionals in UK and in 2018 named Top 100 BAME Leaders in Business.

Carrie Ng

Carrie is a strong advocate in HSBC networks which play a vital role in making the workplace more welcoming for BAME colleagues. She is a Diversity and Inclusion Ally for HSBC Channel Islands and Isle of Man, a champion of Embrace (the HSBC BAME network), and previously the Deputy Chairperson for the HSBC Chinese Community in the UK. She has organised a series of diversity events for colleagues of different ethnicities to network with supportive senior leaders. Through the HSBC Chinese Community, Carrie led the group to deliver events that promotes cultural awareness and workplace inclusion for Chinese colleagues, and spearheaded collaboration with other BAME networks in the industry. Carrie has also been mentoring three BAME colleagues for over four years where she proactively arranges job shadowing and senior management introduction. Having built a reputation for being passionate about BAME inclusion, upon relocation to Guernsey in March this year, Carrie quickly become a member of the diversity and inclusion committee for HSBC Channel Islands and Isle of Man to help shape and deliver initiatives to provide better support and inclusion for people of colour. Carrie has previously volunteered with UNICEF and Rotaract to improve social inclusion for South Asian minorities in Hong Kong. In the UK, she has been an ‘anchor’ for her Hong Kong alma mater to develop a social support network among its UK-based alumni. Carrie also teamed up with colleagues from HSBC to deliver a probono consulting project for ChangesUK and has spoken at a number of school and charity events.

Li (Shelley) Yu

Li chairs HSBC China Connect (HCC), promoting a greater understanding of Chinese business, culture and language, and to help colleagues make connections, support and inspire each other through networking opportunities. HCC runs business forums, social events and cultural events including business talk series, social dinners, Chinese New Year celebration and a Mid-Autumn Festival. They also work with numerous affiliate communities in other businesses. Li is also an advocate in gender diversity and has been an active member of the 100 Women in Finance, Women in ETF and Women in Banking and Finance. Li has spoken at forums organised by non-profit organisations, universities and business associations focusing on D&I, including at the CFA Institute Talent Summit, Asia-Scotland Institute International Women’s Day business talk, discussing women in leadership at London School of Economics, and at the Generation Success Power Series: Chinese New Year Special. She was shortlisted in the Chinese Business Leaders Awards in 2018.

Oliemata O’Donoghue

Of her 20 years in the financial services industry, Oliemata has spent 17 being a member or lead of an inclusion employee relationship forum. She has undertaken the Co-Chair and Chair roles of the Ethnic Minority forum and African Forum in the last few years. She currently sponsors the ethnic minority “Embrace Network” and has worked alongside colleagues to drive a strong agenda around “Attract, Grow and Engage” of all colleagues. In this role she has promoted how HSBC talk about race in the workplace, panels and listening events, and career enhancing workshops. She also does reverse mentoring and coaching with colleagues to achieve their career aspirations. Additionally, she leads and runs regular exchanges between colleagues to promote talking about race in the workplace and to help unblock any challenges for colleagues and business leads. Externally, Oliemata has volunteered as part of a mentoring programme that coaches and supports undergraduates from ethnic minority backgrounds. She also coaches and supports women of afro-Caribbean backgrounds who are in middle management and have high potential to reach directorship levels.

Noemie Djossou

An active member of the Graduate community, Noemie launched an initiative building relationships between Graduates and our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Focussed around the businesses’ priority focus areas, this includes HSBC’s Embrace (BAME) network, where we help to facilitate attraction and engagement within the group. Noemie arranged to write a collective blog which was showcased not only on HSBC’s Global Graduate Platform, but also on a much wider scale in the UK via the Embrace Network’s newsletter. This gave a voice to often underrepresented BAME colleagues and platform from which to share their aspirations.  During her time on the Graduate Programme, she has been recognised at two consecutive Graduate Awards for ‘Champions Change and Embraces Diversity’ award. This was a peer-nominated award which also received recognition from ‘OUTstanding’ Award Winner and CEO of M&S Bank Sue Fox. She was the first Graduate of her cohort to be selected for a specific Diversity and Inclusion placement, and her final role on the Graduate Scheme gives her the opportunity to reflect in the wider business the work she has done with our Graduate population.

Melinda Espiritu

Melinda was the Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group for the Internal Audit Department, where she helped foster a more inclusive environment for the 900 employees of the department globally. She was also a member of the Management Committee People Group, to ensure that inclusion aspects were was considered in the efforts of the group. She is also a reverse mentor for a BAME Managing Director and a traditional mentor for a BAME Manager within the department, and in this relationship has sought to inspire confidence in her ability to progress, and create opportunities for such. In New York, Melinda founded and chaired the Sustainability Program for the department, whereby employees were able to contribute their time and interactions with the disadvantaged community in New York City. In her time as chair, the department collectively contributed over 100 hours of community services to five different non-profit organizations.

Bukola Adisa

Bukola is a senior Compliance and Financial Crime expert with extensive experience in the Financial Services industry. She is also passionate about the progression of women and BAME professionals in the workplace. At each organisation Bukola has worked at, she has been an active member of the Women’s network as well as the Multicultural or BAME networks. She provides advice and insights on targeted, value added events which can bring incremental change to the lives of the BAME staff within the organisation. She actively mentors BAME professionals and dedicates many hours monthly to providing career advice and encouragement to them. She also actively sponsors the careers of a number of high potential BAME women and has created and provided promotion opportunities for them when that would not have otherwise been possible. Additionally, in 2015, she founded a not for profit social enterprise called Career Masterclass which is focused on imparting women and BAME professionals with practical skills that they can use to build and enjoy a successful career.

Carrie Ng

Carrie works in the HSBC Global Head Office where she built a diverse team with 40% BAME representation, and has invited senior executives to be more vocal and visible role models for workplace inclusion, through a series of networking events. She is an Embrace Champion of the HSBC BAME network and has been appointed Deputy Chairperson of the HSBC Chinese Community. Carrie has also been mentoring two BAME colleagues for over two years and, in 2014, she was presented the HSBC Values and Leadership Award in recognition of her dedication to diversity, inclusion and the development of others. Carrie has actively volunteered with UNICEF and Rotaract to improve social inclusion for South Asian minorities in Hong Kong. She also speaks at a number of school events, works as a UK “anchor” for her Hong Kong alma mater, has delivered probono consulting for ChangesUK, and was honoured at the “HSBC At Our Best Recognition Programme” 2016 for her involvement in community work.

Ruth Lau

An alumna of Harvard Business School and University College London and currently employed at HSBC Global Headquarters, Ruth is one of the most connected Gen Y Chinese in the City. She co-founded the Eastern Blossoms network in 2013 which has grown into the Network of Chinese Networks in the UK. She has also developed an EB Influencers Netgiving Club which aims to motivate the Chinese community collectively. She enjoys organising regular networking events, China business forums, cultural events and language classes to promote cross-cultural exchange both within her company and outside. She linked her workplace with Mulan Foundation Network – a growing organisation which is building a collective of rising talented Chinese women that can support one another. Additionally, Ruth has been in the ’30 Ones to Watch’ listing in Brummells magazine, and was recommended by her employer to join an executive education programme at Harvard Business School.