Linda Clement-Holmes

Linda is Chief Information Officer for P&G. In this expansive role, she is responsible for building the capability of the Company’s Information Technology (IT) function as well as providing IT governance oversight.
Linda is a member of P&G’s Global Leadership Council. In 2010, while serving as Senior Vice President for Global Business Services, Linda also was named P&G Chief Diversity Officer. In that capacity, she crafted the first company-wide diversity and inclusion strategy and established P&G’s first ever Global Inclusion & Diversity Council, significantly elevating P&G’s Diversity Inc. and Working Mother Magazine rankings.
She continues to speak across the company and around the world in her travels about the power of diversity in building a stronger work force and the importance that everyone “bring their full-selves” to work.

Fama Francisco

Fama was recently accredited as Deloitte and Touche highest ranked “Wise Women” and is first Asian female President in P&G. As President for Global Feminine Care, Fama is responsible for leading over 5500 employees in over 115 countries.
Since being in post, Fama has developed structural interventions to enable more opportunities for success for Asians & Asian-Americans within the company. This includes relentless recruiting focuses, Leadership Development programs, Reverse Mentoring with Asian employees and Vice Presidents & Presidents and Asian Heritage Month awareness. She also led P&G’s Asia Pacific American Diversity Program for 5 years, serving over 1,000 Asians & Asian-Americans, improving representation from 7.2% to 8.7% across all levels and improving total promotions of Asians & Asian-Americans by +80% and +70% vs. 1 year ago among Senior Manager and Associate Director levels. As a result, employee survey results among Asians & Asian Americans were ahead of total company, and the highest among all diversity groups.
Fama has constantly utilised her workplace as a platform for good including the championing and global expansion of Always #LikeAGirl campaign, which supports girls’ confidence at puberty. The campaign has been recognized globally with over 130 industry awards for all aspects of Brand Building including an award from the United Nations and the inaugural Cannes Glass Lion which recognises work that addresses gender inequality or prejudice.