Kevin Ellis

As UK Chairman of PwC, Kevin is the sponsor of all diversity and inclusion initiatives across the business. Over the past year, HR teams and volunteer ‘Colourbrave’ champions have held focus group discussions and surveys with hundreds of ethnic minority employees to better understand their experiences of working at PwC and how the culture can be evolved to create a stronger feeling of belonging and inclusion. PwC was one of the first companies to publish their ethnicity pay gap, and latest figures show a decrease in the ethnicity and gender pay gaps each year. Kevin ensures there are D&I action plans in place, with an explicit focus on senior level accountability and incentives for partners who take specific and positive steps to promote inclusion. PwC has partnered with UKBlackTech, and Kevin mentors ethnic minority leaders at PwC to support ethnic minority progression into leadership positions.

Mary Agbesanwa

As Co-Chair of PwC’s Multicultural Business Network, Mary leads the London Steering Committee and in 2019, celebrated the success of a Black History Month initiative in London, where virtual and augmented reality created an immersive exhibition of Black British role models. This exhibition later toured regional offices across the UK. She contributed to PwC’s Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting report, led the delivery of a Colour Brave training session to over 500 colleagues and pioneered PwC’s staff-run peer mentoring circles where staff support each other with career guidance. Outside of work, Mary is the co-founder of Now You’re Talking, a female millennial personal development community, which last October hosted a showcase to promote side hustles owned by predominantly BAME women. Mary has also appeared on the HERoes Women Role Model Lists and won a WeAreTheCity Rising Star Award.