Chirag Savjani

Chirag was the Retail Stores Initiatives Lead for Sainsbury’s Argos’ BAME + Allies Multicultural Network Steering Committee. During his tenure, Chirag has successfully secured iconography and messaging inclusive of the organizations multi-ethnic employees such as the incorporation of additional languages; with the Retail Name Badge Initiative currently being trialed across Argos stores. Chirag has played a pivotal role in educating colleagues on the significance of cultural events while celebrating festivals such as Diwali, Eid, Chinese New Year and more by securing campaign messaging across the Argos homepage; curating product lists and content that resonate with our customers. Chirag has supported panel discussions encouraging D&I conversations with leaders such as Dr Lez Henry and Levi Roots and provided networking and mentoring opportunities for BAME colleagues. Chirag has organized multiple celebrations across Sainsbury’s Argos’ offices through Pot-Luck lunches, Henna Artists and more while hosting local BAME businesses on site for free.