Rini Laskar

Rini is a director at UBS in Investment Banking Technology. She is currently leading a Cloud Transformation programme and has managed AI, and Unified Communication programmes for the bank. Recently named as one of the most inspirational women in the City of London in 2019 by Brummell magazine, Rini is the Co-Chair and founding member of the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) diversity employee network at UBS representing over 1000 members in the UK. She is a board member of BritBangla that supports the Bengali population who are one of the most disaffected communities in the UK. Rini is recognised as one of the top 100 Muslim women under Baroness Uddin’s ‘Change the script’ initiative and also represents UBS on diversity for the Lord Mayors Appeal in the City of London that helps to drive positive change on inclusion for City corporations.

Emeka Okwu

Working in a recruitment team, Emeka personally captures the data for BAME employees and ensures that they are assigned to mentors following induction. He also ensures a thorough understanding of the review and promotion process, and encourages BAME employees to join a network by inviting them to diversity events that are relevant to them. Emeka has recently been asked by the business to be an executive member of the ALL4EMEA diversity council, and was actively involved in designing, implementing and monitoring D&I strategies. Mentorship is an activity which Emeka takes very seriously; he mentors young black kids on being influencers in the society, and shares his story of how he has excelled as an immigrant; professionally and academically. Currently, Emeka is a doctoral student at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and his research is on Equality and Diversity. He also takes part in a lot of community volunteering, helping clean public parks and streets.

Fenil Khiroya

As Human Resources Director for UBS, Fenil led a global initiative to change the way advisory is carried out across HR globally. She leads a team of 14 advisors who provide HR advice to all line managers across all business divisions for UBS in the UK. She has the largest number of direct reports in HR in London, dealing with managers at all seniority levels and across all the divisions of the bank.

An critical part of her role is educating managers on diversity and discrimination awareness.
This is done by ensuring her team are fully trained on both diversity and discrimination, including unconscious bias within the workplace. Coaching and mentoring managers, her areas of expertise include education on discriminatory practices or stereotypes as well as encouraging a workplace which embraces diversity and inclusion.

She has also been a mentor for BAME employees joining the organisation to provide them with guidance and advices on how to progress their careers within the organisation and these relationships have continued even after some have left the organisations to progress their careers further.