Jennifer Rademaker

Jennifer drives change beyond a balanced slate, focusing on developing people of colour and increasing role models.  Her focus on role models transformed her leadership team from 29% executives of colour to 50% in one year. She is preparing the next generation of executives by personally coaching 11 high potential ethnic minority leaders at Mastercard. She also serves as the Executive Sponsor for Mastercard’s African descent employee group (LEAD) in Europe, hosting activities in Mastercard’s European offices with topics geared to supporting career advancement, personal development, and sponsorship for ethnic minority employees, as well as showcasing role models. In addition, Jennifer spends career coaching time with members of the LEAD steering committee to support their advancement. Outside of work, she serves on the New York board of the American Red Cross and is a member of the House of St Barnabas, an organization that provides job training to combat homelessness.

Michael Fraccaro

As Chief HR Officer, Michael is committed to a number of key D&I initiatives. He aims to acquire diverse talent through requiring diverse candidate slates for all VP+ searches, auditing existing external partnerships to ensure access to people of colour for current and future roles, and building relationships with Historical Black Colleges & Universities. He has hosted focus groups with POC to understand how to create a more inclusive environment, leading to a series of actions. He also initiated annual salary surveys to ensure no inequity in pay due to ethnicity, gender etc. As Global Executive Sponsor for the Leading Employees of African Descent (LEAD) BRG, Michael and the group are embarking on an exciting pilot program for mid-career leaders (in partnership with an external consultancy) for people of African descent. The program will help LEAD members navigate nuanced situations they may encounter and coach them through areas of opportunity from their assessments. Michael also mentors BRG steering committee members to help maximise impact. Michael champions and raises awareness for the need for greater diversity through numerous external organisations, helping them to fulfil their mission of unlocking potential for diverse job seekers.

Jackie Uhi

Jackie has a number of active roles in driving the inclusivity agenda at HSBC UK, including as EMpower Steerco; EMpower sponsor, nurturing internal BAME talent; on the UK Culture & Engagement committee; Executive Women’s forum steerco; by proactively contributing to and promoting Women on Boards; and supporting the Atlas Mentoring Platform, Women Ahead. She has been the executive sponsor for Embrace for the last 18 months, and has been instrumental in acting as a trusted advisor for the network committee. Jackie ensures all things inclusion are discussed at board level to help shape strategy; she has mentored chairs, sponsors and committee members, alongside BAME colleagues aiming to achieve director-level roles. She presents at events, promoting all aspects of D&I and has pushed a recruitment drive for increasing BAME leadership. Externally, Jackie has worked with the CEO of the Diana Award which has led to opportunities for HSBC employees to mentor and make a difference to the lives of young people mostly from a BAME background. The team have run mentoring programmes, offering career insight which is fun, diverse and truly benefits young people’s personal and professional development.

Brian Corr

Brian is part of the Spectrum (BAME network) leadership team and is co-sponsor of a Directorate’s Diversity and Inclusion working group. In Spectrum, Brian is a role model for non-BAME support for the network. He has delivered several career progression events for Spectrum members and established a strong working relationship with Black British Business Awards (BBBA), where he sits on a steering committee, attends events, secured slots on the first BBBA BAME talent accelerator programme and will support the second programme this year. Brian mentors BAME colleagues and is part of the FCA BAME sponsorship programme.  He co-sponsors a diverse and committed group to progress the diversity and inclusion agenda, seeking stretch opportunities and exposure to senior management for both BAME and non BAME staff in the group. Brian and his working group have introduced a BAME mentoring programme in his Directorate, bringing together senior leaders and BAME colleagues and have introduced regular support and challenge sessions where Directors are held to account for their progress on Diversity and Inclusion. Furthermore, he co-led the design and delivery of an inclusive leadership event for 140 leaders in his Directorate and a dedicated programme of action that led to a positive shift in BAME colleagues’ staff survey scores on their experience of working in the Directorate.  Externally, he delivered a coaching session for Business in the Community’s BAME mentoring circle, and has been  involved with a team running career aspiration and leadership sessions with 14-16 year olds from local schools that are mainly from BAME backgrounds.

Ileana Sodani

In her role as EMEA executive sponsor for IMPACT, a resource group supporting BNY Mellon’s commitment to ethnic diversity and inclusion, Ileana is steadfastly committed to leading efforts to embed the mission of “driving ethnic diversity and making it an asset” within BNY Mellon’s company culture, focusing on ethnically diverse talent both internally and externally and ensuring everything is measurable, for the purpose of benchmarking, data gathering and monitoring. This year, Ileana launched the network’s ‘self-disclosure’ campaign, which aims to understand the reasons behind why people don’t disclose their ethnicity. Ileana continues to challenge BNY Mellon’s senior team to embed diversity in promoting and hiring practices, and establish a diverse stream of internal talent for middle and senior management roles. She is also partnering with BNY Mellon’s HR to review  their university recruiting programme and the ways in which they could improve diversity in the talent pipeline. Ileana regularly shares her personal commitment by participating on industry panels, most recently on a ‘Women in Islamic and Ethical Finance’ panel. She is also one of the original founding members of The Network of Networks, which aims to connect women’s network leaders, BAME network leaders and LGBT+ network leaders from 50 companies to share experiences and ideas surrounding D&I.

Sid Maheshwari

Sid has been pivotal in promoting the ‘Aviva Origins’ community, one of six employee networks developed in 2018 to ensure Aviva promotes a fully inclusive environment where colleagues from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds can flourish. He sits on the Aviva Origins steering committee and has been instrumental in supporting the delivery of many fundamental changes in the organisation including implementing the RACE charter, which includes providing leadership on race and ethnicity in Aviva. Last year, Sid led the Diwali celebrations across multiple UK sites in Aviva which generated a huge interest amongst UK employees to partner with the Origin community. Sid has been supporting diversity mentoring scheme for students, and is partnering with the central diversity team to roll out unconscious bias training across Aviva. Sid leads the communication function for the Origins community and led the design of the technology platform where Origins material could be easily hosted and accessed, allowing members to discuss any barriers and issues they face. In addition, Sid has been an active mentor to junior BAME colleagues. He championed the roll out of a ‘cultural exchange’ training programme with the Aviva’s offshore partners with the aim to bring cultures closer together, and contributed to other strategic deliveries including critical work using ‘data’ to understand barriers and opportunities at work. Externally, Sid is the principal secretary and one of the founding members of Amerindis, a network based in South Bucks to promote Indian culture and heritage. Sid has played a pivotal role in increasing the membership base of Amerindis from a few families in 2014 to 450+ individuals and growing. Sid is also supporting an awareness campaign with local residents impacted by increased burglary cases amongst the Asian families, raising issues with local police and council. Sid is a huge supporter of Asian Women across industries, often nominating those with exemplary achievements for awards.

Jehu Chesson

Jehu currently serves as a global lead for the LEAD (Leading Employees of African Descent) BRG at MasterCard, overseeing numerous global chapters and being instrumental in launching further chapters in Lagos, London and Waterloo. As global lead, Jehu champions inclusion, develops the annual BRG strategy, seeks to maximise impact and works to build strong relationships with other BRGs and to solicit executive support. Jehu drives efforts geared towards development of minority employees, and participates in innovation challenges, community support, diverse recruitment and mentoring. He ensures that LEAD partner with Human Resources annually to recruit minority interns and draw from Historical Black Colleges & Universities. Currently, Jehu is working with MasterCard’s Black Executive Network to establish a global mentoring programme. Externally, Jehu serves as a role model and mentor for minorities within the community. He volunteers on several committees in the local school district, and has helped to coach a diverse sports team. During the protests following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in St. Louis, MO, Jehu volunteered with a minority group to collect relief supplies, food & distributed to needy families within the impacted communities.

Jorge Santos

Jorge is a member of the Firmwide Hispanic/Latino network (FHLN), through which he aims to help develop Goldman Sachs’ Hispanic/Latino professionals so that one day the firm could have a strong number of Hispanic/Latino professionals in top leadership positions. He has been nominated as the co-head of the professional development pillar, fostering the mission of the network to attract, retain and develop the firm’s Hispanic/Latino professionals by providing professional development opportunities in key areas such as leadership, communication and commercial impact. He implemented two key impactful programs that helped advance the careers of many Hispanic/Latino professionals at the firm, the “Continued Education Series,” a panel discussion that provided a forum to hear from Goldman Sachs colleagues who had earned their CFA or CPA licenses and to learn about the impact these certifications had on their careers, and the “Internal Mobility: Learn and Connect” event, which included a panel on career mobility followed by a networking event with hiring teams to learn about open roles. Jorge is also a member of the Securities Summer Diversity Council, which monitored the performance and experience of 51 Black, Hispanic or Latino interns joining the Securities Division this summer across all functions and ultimately helped to inform hiring decisions for the firm. Many recent graduates reach out to Jorge for career advice on how to get a role at the firm or excel in a career as a trader. He has participated in the Schusterman Initiative’s Reality Adelante Experience, and has recently been appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of Friends of Puerto Rico.

Ratidzo Starkey

Ratidzo co-chairs the Bank of England’s Ethnic Minority Network, steering the network to focus on ethnic minority representation at the Bank. She has provided the Network with clear direction, utilising her visibility with senior management to ensure that BAME issues are prominent on the executive agenda. She has collaborated with HR to understand the issues faced by ethnic minorities at the Bank, in order to effect positive change. Ratidzo has represented BAME colleagues at executive committees, driving the Bank’s strategy to improve the progression of BAME colleagues, and successfully encouraging the Bank to sign up to the Race at Work Charter, sponsored by Business in the Community. Ratidzo curated the Bank’s Black History Month celebrations, fostering a culture of inclusivity for her colleagues in the Bank. Ratidzo fed into a number of policies to ensure the Bank considers diversity in the external activities it undertakes and, in her capacity as Head of Outreach and Education, Ratidzo ensures that the Bank is honouring its commitment to be a role model for other institutions in the City. She is also on the steering group for the Bank’s African Caribbean Scholarship scheme. Externally, Ratidzo is a judge for the Black British Business Awards and participates in a number of career-focused panels where she talks about the importance of diversity in the workplace. She has mentored young people of colour from disadvantaged backgrounds through a number of schemes, and has co-organised a number of diversity-related events as part of her local school’s Parent-Teachers’ Association.

Leon Walker

Leon is chair of the Global Cultural Awareness Network (CAN@Lloyd’s), which promotes religious and cultural diversity, career progression and diversity of thought. In 2018 this included a celebration of Indian Maritime Business and the launch of an associated mentoring scheme, an initiative targeting 65 BAME emerging talents, creating a platform to share their experiences of working in the Lloyd’s Market resulting in a “Black Paper” for Leaders due for release in October 2019. Leon also played a leading role in Lloyd’s signing up to the EMpower Ethnicity Pay Gap Mandate, which kicked off the Lloyd’s I Did It (Self ID) campaign for the collection of the data to report its Ethnicity Pay Gap. Outside of work Leon is chair of the EMpower Working Party which has representation across financial services and drove the creation of the EMpower Ethnicity Pay Gap Mandate. He is also deputy chair of the Lloyd’s Assembly, which promotes diversity of thought and experience across the Lloyd’s Market. Leon is a governor at Manorfield Primary School in Tower Hamlets, and speaks regularly on race & equality, on podcasts and at panel events, including DiveIn. Leon is an established reverse mentor to leaders in Insurance and Politics and runs a successful mentoring circle for emerging talents from diverse backgrounds, supporting the development of their early careers in Financial Services.