Gary Izunwa

Recognising the importance of diversity, inclusion and belonging led me to Gary being one of the founding members of LinkedIn’s newest global Employee Resource Group ‘Embrace’ – an ERG that aspires to overcome unconscious bias and develop a sense of belonging for all cultures, nationalities and ethnic minorities. Prior to Embrace there was no initiative in the EMEA region that aimed to work towards cultural and ethnic inclusion in the workplace. After realising that he was the only Black British graduate globally on the 300+ member wide Business Leadership Programme, Gary lead unconscious bias training for all new graduate hires in the EMEA region to ensure that early-into-careers professionals can work towards overcoming their bias’s at the beginning of their career and feel comfortable bringing their authentic-self to work. Outside of work, Gary is a long-time member of the Aleto Foundation, and has been involved in various activities with the charity to promote diversity and inclusion for BAME students.

Wendy Murphy

Wendy set up the first Employee Resource Group at LinkedIn Globally focussed on the ethnic minority population, called Embrace. She was a driving influence behind LinkedIn’s founding membership of EMpower, as a prime example of her commitment to inclusion. Externally, Wendy mentors a number of high potential ethnic minority individuals, providing support and sponsorship. She is also an active supporter of a number of LinkedIn’s partnerships, helping raise awareness of ethnic minority inclusion in business, and support activities within LinkedIn’s local markets in the UK and Ireland. Additionally, Wendy was key to the development of a self-ID diversity survey across 10 countries in EMEA, to encourage discussion at the most senior levels in the organisation around support and understanding of their ethnic minority workforce.