Abidemi Ogunbowale-Thomas

Abidemi is a passionate people advocate focused on cultivating a society that cares and nurtures individuals as humans first; by representing the inclusivity and vibrancy of diverse perspectives. Abidemi is on Accenture UKI’s Technology People Committee, Afro-Caribbean Network Committee (AACN) and Technology Apprenticeship Committee. Additionally, he works closely with Accenture UKI’s Technology Analyst Group AACN, Human Capital & Diversity, and Recruitment teams. Through these networks, he mentors, interviews, has spoken on numerous panels, designed workshops and initiatives, and also presented at Accenture’s 2019 Black History month Flagship event. Externally, Abidemi is a member of techUK Skills and Diversity Council and has spoken on numerous panels at Bright Network, Powerlist Foundation, BYP Network, Makers Academy and presented at SkillsMatter. Furthermore, Abidemi, as part of the Tech Partnership Degrees program, is contributing to the BSc Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship rewrite to ensure definition and applicability to a wide talent pool.

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