Brian Corr

Brian is part of the Spectrum (BAME network) leadership team and is co-sponsor of a Directorate’s Diversity and Inclusion working group. In Spectrum, Brian is a role model for non-BAME support for the network. He has delivered several career progression events for Spectrum members and established a strong working relationship with Black British Business Awards (BBBA), where he sits on a steering committee, attends events, secured slots on the first BBBA BAME talent accelerator programme and will support the second programme this year. Brian mentors BAME colleagues and is part of the FCA BAME sponsorship programme.  He co-sponsors a diverse and committed group to progress the diversity and inclusion agenda, seeking stretch opportunities and exposure to senior management for both BAME and non BAME staff in the group. Brian and his working group have introduced a BAME mentoring programme in his Directorate, bringing together senior leaders and BAME colleagues and have introduced regular support and challenge sessions where Directors are held to account for their progress on Diversity and Inclusion. Furthermore, he co-led the design and delivery of an inclusive leadership event for 140 leaders in his Directorate and a dedicated programme of action that led to a positive shift in BAME colleagues’ staff survey scores on their experience of working in the Directorate.  Externally, he delivered a coaching session for Business in the Community’s BAME mentoring circle, and has been  involved with a team running career aspiration and leadership sessions with 14-16 year olds from local schools that are mainly from BAME backgrounds.

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