Dr Miranda Brawn

Miranda works with the CEO, board and other senior management to increase the number of diverse employees, especially from ethnic minority backgrounds. These relationships saw the launch of a diversity week and mentoring programmes. She also launched the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation to help drive race diversity change in the workplace. Within the first year, Miranda and her Foundation’s ethnic minority diversity work won a Point of Light award from the UK Prime Minister Theresa May, as well as personal praise by HRH Prince of Wales, UK mayors and global leaders. Due to the lack of progress around race diversity, the Foundation was initially launched late 2015 to help ethnic minority future leaders through scholarships, mentoring, work experience and her UK history making diversity lectures. Miranda is an ambassador and adviser to a wide variety of groups aiming to increase ethnic minority representation, and she has often spoken in the media around race equality and representation, including platforms such as BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain and Sky News. Miranda has been awarded a Global Goodwill Ambassador title, and an honorary doctorate at the University of Brighton, for her international diversity work.

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