Minal Mehta

For the IBM UK BAME employee network, she leads the Talent Attract workstream for Early Professional Hires (Apprentices, Interns and Graduates).  Collaborating with Kings College London University, she drives the eMentoring and Uni Insight programs, which highlight STEM careers options and showcases IBM as an inclusive employer. Activities include BAME employees presenting on IBM’s strategic imperatives such as Design Thinking, Robotics, Cognitive/AI and Blockchain as well as hosting a BAME panel and Q&As with the KCL students. She also leads eMentoring by matching BAME IBM mentors to KCL mentees to encourage skill development, IBM’s offerings and create a sense of community through “faces like me”. Minal has won several internal awards including Inclusion Champion of the Quarter and for her work on Uni Insight.  She is disrupting the traditional perception of IBM as a hardware seller and is a strong advocate for #diversityintech. Outside of work, Minal works with UK organisation “Shiva Soundsystem”, aiming to challenge the perception of Asian culture in the UK across music, film, radio and events. Her next initiative challenges the social representation of women in India through creation of a progressive, mainstream media brand.

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