Nzinga Orgill

As lead for Heathrow’s Network for Culture and Ethnicity en-haNCE, Nzinga has spearheaded the network’s relaunch to positively shift the dial for increased BAME representation across all levels of the business. Nzinga has worked closely with Heathrow’s other D&I networks and departments celebrating events like Holi, International Women’s Day and Red Card Day raising awareness and driving an inclusive culture for Heathrow customers. Using the network, she has been an integral part of career workshops/ethnicity focus group identifying challenges and barriers to career progression. As an Associate Member of the APM BAME Network, Nzinga has worked with the BITC, BPIC and multiple suppliers increasing engagement and encouraging collaboration with other organizations. Nzinga mentors colleagues, peers and reverse mentors senior leaders sharing some of the challenges and experiences of the networks members. Through the work Nzinga has done across the business utilizing her extensive personal and professional network she has been able to support, sponsor and promote others.

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