Oyin Talabi

After organizing BuroHappold’s first Cultural Diversity Week in 2018, Oyin co-founded an employee network called FAIR – fairness, awareness, inclusion and respect. The aim of FAIR is to promote a culture of inclusion within the company and champion the needs of all identity groups, raising awareness of the challenges they face. As Chair, Oyin has run successful campaigns, including #shareyourculture, showcasing unique parts of cultures represented in the business. FAIR now serves as a sounding board for the HR department, and feeds directly into the company’s recruitment policies and inclusion initiatives and is now being rolled out to all BuroHappold UK offices. Oyin has spoken on the topic of inclusion in technology and engineering at multiple events, and as a member of District Heating Diva’s group, a network for women in district heating, she has presented at their first conference about challenges faced by ethnic minorities in the industry.

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