Rachael Palmer

As the Head of VC and Startup Partnerships, Rachael drives Google’s strategic partnerships with top VCs and Startups across the EMEA region. Her day-to-day involves collaborating with EMEA’s major VC funds, working to define Google’s VC strategy, and helping startups partner across Google’s product areas. Rachael is dedicated to creating an inclusive and representative workplace. She helps drive Google’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion through participation in action committees that outline recruitment practices, and works on retention and internal community building efforts. Rachael advises the Black Googler Network and is an active lead in advocating for increased fertility benefits through Google’s Women’s Network. She also leads Google’s diversity recruiting efforts at Wharton. Rachael has been a featured speaker at Google’s first EMEA “State of Black Women” Conference in the UK and the Wharton Women in Business Conference. In addition, she enjoys mentoring minority candidates in their business school applications.

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