Shuhena Bhanu

Shuhena is on the Committee of the FCA Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, which advises the business and proactively seeks to address a number of BAME challenges, including the lack of diversity at management level. Last year, she successfully helped organise a pilot mentoring programme for BAME individuals to have a senior leader provide career progression sessions. She is currently co-lead for the BAME mentoring scheme, expanding the reach of BAME individuals seeking to progress at the FCA. Shuhena acts as Reverse Mentor to a non-BAME Executive Board Director, advising her on diversity issues within the FCA. She is working on initiatives that are based on the findings of The Middle Report, to inform Board Directors on how BAME individuals can accelerate to management positions, such as creating a fast-track managers’ programme. As an active Muslim Leadership Committee Member, she organises events to foster interfaith dialogue.  Shuhena is invited to speak on panels regarding the BAME experience, including a women’s panel, led by the Business Editor of The Independent. She also actively mentors aspiring lawyers and leads extra-curricular activities such as cycling in the BAME community. Shuhena was ranked in the “BB Power and Inspiration 100 List – 2018”. She received the RISING STAR accolade on this Power List which recognises outstanding talent and leadership in the British Bangladeshi community.

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