Amit Chouhan

As Co-chair of Fujitsu’s Cultural Diversity Network, Amit’s leadership has helped to radically change perceptions of race at Fujitsu, resulting in BITC recognizing Fujitsu as a Top 50 Employer for Race and early commitment to BITC’s Race at Work Charter. Through the network he has championed close collaboration across ERGS to promote new levels of cohesiveness. Amit works tirelessly to raise awareness of the power of networks- leading town halls with the CEO, reverse mentoring senior leaders internally and externally, and promoting key actions such as Black History Month awareness. He is passionate about inspiring the next generation, promoting interfaith dialogue across the business, and ensuring a sustainable path forward for the BAME community. He takes his passion for inclusion into his role with customers and partners with vigor and pride- which has proven that it is not only the right thing to do for business, but for society.  

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